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A 4-week accelerator to help you go from confused, frustrated and never fully chosen to confidentadored and excited about dating without endless swiping, “situationships” and constant disappointment.

I know this story…

You have amazing friends.

You’re successful.

And yet no one seems to understand why “you’re single.”

But deep down, you wonder…

Am I  actually “bad at love?”

You’ve felt stuck in your romantic relationships for maybe…years. 

Perhaps you’re in and out of relationships, dating men that leave you feeling confused and never fully chosen.

You know you want more. You’re never going to settle.

But WHY can’t you find a good man already?!

The truth is:

Love is always out there. It’s always available. (As is everything.)

The thing is, we all have different beliefs, behaviors, protective patterns and false perceptions that keep us stuck in the cycle of sh*tty dates and relationships.

And you know this…however you still can’t figure out WHY he hasn’t shown up yet.

That incredible, healthy and attractive man who will love you, for you.

This is where I come in.

What if instead of experiencing the ghosting, heartbreak, confusion and disappointment from men…

You started experiencing:

Being approached by men in the most unexpected ways and places.

Dating men who actively ask you for a commitment.

Feeling incredibly magnetic and feminine again.

Confidently owning your worth in any conversations with men.

Going on amazing dates with men who are grounded, honest, and whom you find wildly attractive.

Feeling chosen, safe, and adored.

This is why I created END TOXIC DATING.

The 3R Transformational Process:

I tried everything. I read over 50 books on relationships, listened to countless hours of podcasts, consumed multitudes of free content on the internet about this topic and NOTHING CHANGED.

So, I created the very thing I needed.

And once I did, I’ve never experienced a toxic or bad relationship again.

This process took me nearly 4 years… I’m here to walk you through it in 4 weeks.

I have condensed all the knowledge and years it took me to end this cycle into a 3R Transformational Process: Remembering, Releasing & Reclaiming.

It is now my mission to share it with you.

Over the next 4 weeks, you will become the woman who can:

  • Confidently communicate your standards, worth and values so that a man WANTS to meet your needs. (You will MASTER sharing your vulnerable desires with a man!)
  • Craft a new love story by getting closure from past relationships and redefining what you ultimately deserve.
  • Shift your energy from fixing others to investing in yourself (a man will know exactly how to love and cherish you.)
  • Love wholeheartedly without holding back or losing yourself along the way.
  • Courageously recognize when a relationship no longer serves you and gracefully walk away.
  • Forgive yourself (for REAL) for staying in unhealthy situations too long.
  • Trust yourself again and trust that what you want really does exist. 

You’ll also have a blueprint for EXACTLY what to look for in dating so you can finally see the red flags and avoid the “bad boys,” ghosters, etc.

MODULE ONE: Remembering.

  • This is where I show you on one sheet of paper WHY you’ve picked the men you have. Spoiler alert: It’s not your fault. And…we can’t make the necessary changes in our love lives until we see how our past has greatly influenced our choices.

  • We dive deep into your paradigm and the roles you’ve unknowingly been playing in dating.

  • We unpack what has kept you stuck and how to start breaking the pattern of toxic dating.

  • You will also receive homework and journal prompts to help you uncover the common thread in your dating history so that you can experience new possibilities with incredibly loving & healthy men.

MODULE TWO: Releasing. 

  • This is where we go deep and begin releasing the shame and patterns of toxic relationships.

  • We also bust through any fears of falling into another unhealthy dynamic.

  • I guide you through a very specific forgiveness drill and share deeper insights into my healing journey.

  • There’s also a section in this module that will completely change your perspective on dating apps hint: I’ve never seen it taught this way before.

  • As with every module, you will have homework and journal prompts to deepen and integrate the work we do inside.

MODULE THREE: Reclaiming

  • This is where I take you through a reclamation of YOU – the real one that got lost in the toxic relationships. But don’t worry, once you find her, you’ll never lose her again.

  • We uncover the “No BS checklist” of what you really want in a man and how to claim that for yourself.

  • There’s much more inside this one, but I don’t want to give it all away!

NEW! MODULE FOUR: Diving into the Depths of the Masculine: 

  • As part of my own healing journey, I had to humble myself and learn a lot more about MEN.

  • Not only did I misunderstand them, I was angry with them.

  • Now that I’ve healed this pattern, I can see how the men I previously picked were ALL wrong for me.

  • Once you learn this, you’ll never be able to “unsee” it.

  • We will dive deep into:
    • How men think.

    • How to communicate with them so they can meet our needs (not to be confused with catering to them). 

    • PLUS the #1 thing as women we have to stop doing in order to be with a beautiful, loving man.

This empowers us to choose a quality man instead of “waiting to be chosen.”

We will meet once a week over Zoom for a total of 4 weeks. This leaves space for integration between calls. 

You will have a private Telegram group for additional support. 

Every session is recorded and emailed directly to you at the end of each call. 

You will have access to the replays for life.

The Schedule:

February 14th at 5:15 pm MST/6:15 pm CST

February 21st at 5:15 pm MST/6:15 pm CST

February 28th at 5:15 pm MST/6:15 pm CST

March 6th at 5:15 pm MST/6:15 pm CST

BONUS: Immediate Access to The Art of Flirtation Masterclass: The true definition of flirting + exactly how to do it, 3 man-melting phrases that men simply cannot resist, how to build a confident feminine mindset, how to create desire and attraction from HEALTHY men in a healthy way – this will become your new method, specifically tailored to you.

BONUS: Immediate Access to Define The Relationship like a Queen Masterclass: I’m going to show you how to do this so you no longer feel like you’re playing the waiting game. This includes my special  5 step formula + multiple scripts + examples you can use in a way that feels most natural to you.

BONUS: Immediate Access to The Complexities of Commitment Masterclass: the 
5 ways people get in their own way that stops them from committing + exactly how to shift each one. This includes more scripts + practical and energetic tools to help you gain both clarity + commitment. 

(*exclusive bonuses for a limited time)

We don’t always know what we want in relationships or how to go about getting the things we want. Don’t you wish there was one of those little shoulder angels from cartoons to tell you what to look for in another person, the green flags, the red flags, and how to become your best self to attract a healthy, compatible partner. That’s where Megan Thoma comes in. She IS the little shoulder angel to guide you in relationships. She has the knowledge and passion to take you out of the toxic dating cycle and teach you new habits and perspectives that will call in the perfect match and change you at your core in the process. She will help you uncover the root causes of why you choose partners that don’t suit you and show you how to create a life that is no longer driven by root causes, but purpose and power instead. Start with the End Toxicity Dating Course- the information you gain is priceless and will stick with you forever.

– Nicole

Megan changed my entire mindset not only when it came to dating, but in life too. I had reached a point where I was beyond frustrated with dating in 2022. I was very defeated mentally. So many people told me my standards were too hiah. I needed to adjust my expectations, etc. All of these comments over time had destroyed my confidence.
Then I signed up for End Toxic Dating. From the very first call I started to think and run my life and mind differently. By the bonus call, I was a new woman. Megan, thank you for sharing your brilliance, l’m forever grateful!

– Michaela

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