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Client Testimonials

I have been with Megan for just under a year now and let me tell you, Megan is the life coach you’ve been searching for your self growth and here’s why:

I have had many therapist over my years and each of them had there own specific purpose in my life. With Megan, she’s helping me work through my darkest fears, and turning them into real change for my future. She has been working with me on bettering my inner thoughts, the thoughts that keep me from living out our true lives as our better selves. She is changing my life.


I needed a soft place to land after Elementum and I knew I needed someone who walked the talk, not only who had been through the actual program but someone I knew was successful in coaching themselves.

I typically go for coaches and therapists that give off a real “mother” vibe but knew I needed to something a little different this time. From my perspective, Megan really give off a “sister” vibe or a “girls girl” vibe – which is absolutely wonderful, just scary to me due to some of my sister wounding. So glad I leaned into that discomfort and went for it because it’s what I needed! 

My relationship with my partner is the best it’s ever been. You really helped me lean into expressing from my heart in a way that my partner can finally hear and isn’t scary to him. Seriously eternally grateful for this. 

I feel confident that I can coach now, even though I had to put it on the back burner for a few months due to renovating and selling my rental home, I have a clear vision of where I want to go and the type of coach I want to be.

I learned the healthy side of feminine and masculine dynamics and how to use them to enrich your relationship instead of using them as a weapon against your partner! 

One of my biggest “aha” moments was being so scared to share some concerns with my partner – seeking guidance during our session and over voxxer, doing it and then it actually working – even though it was messy. It really made me realize how much I just didn’t try stuff because I was afraid of failing. This is a lesson I needed for a lot of areas in my life

I’m overall so much more at ease with who I am and being willing to try things that seem risky!

Seriously Megan, Thank you so much.


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